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Why work with me?

Personal support

When working with a professional rather than an agency, you will get personalized support for your projects. I focus on providing you advice on the optimal framework and technology for your particular goals. Working together, we will achieve a solution which will be scalable, marketable and user friendly.

Handling existing code

Sometimes you have a situation when your partner or some of the developers leave your organization. In this case, I can seamlessly integrate into the existing code and improve it in the direction you choose. I provide a fresh outlook on existing project which might bring new benefits to your business.

How Does It Help?

Usage of ready-to-go templates

I have extensive past experience working with complex projects including scientific applications. I have developed my own library based on Django and Angular for effectively building new websites. Using this library can speed up the development process and achieve your goals faster.

Technical SEO

I have developed a thorough knowledge in managing technical SEO processes. This includes producing SEO-friendly html and content, optimizing images, caching, improving speed, performance and efficiency of your website. Working with me, you cut out the need to hire a separate SEO expert to manage web performance.
Alexey Deynega